x5000 Lineage Gracia Final

Hello all well i want to show you l2daywalker’s feautures one of the best gracia final servers.

Server Feautures
-Exp: x5000
-Sp: x5000
-Adena: x6000
-Item Drop: x2
-Fully Working Olympiad System
-Fully Working Hero System
-Fully Working Hero Skills..
-Wedding System
-Quest fully working
-c1/c2/c3/c4/c5/interlude — Gracia CT2.2/CT.23- skills 100% working
-Skills lvl 81-83 fully fixed
-Classes balanced
-1 minute spawn protection
-Geodata & Pathondes enabled
-All buffs are minimum 6 hours
-About events solo event instance/death match/tvt are already enabled
tvt/death match have voice command (.join for tvt/.dmjoin for death match) CTF event implented

Enchant Rates..

Safe enchant weapon:7
Safe enchant armor/jewels:7

max enchant weapon:30
max enchant armor/jewels:30

chance enchant weapon (normal scrol):75%
chance enchant weapon (blessed scrol):100%

chance enchant armor/jewels (normal scrol):75%
chance enchant armor/jewels (blessed scrol):100%

Custom Stuff
A services manager already enabled there you can find automatic enchanter it will make you your item at maximum enchant with some things colour manager noblesse manager server has a gm shop too :P were you can find everything you want and if something missing could be added in some minutes
a gatekeeper with a special zones like a farming area etc were there you can farm some items were needed for your gear
P.S to make a top gear at l2daywalker it’s really easy as you saw blessed enchant rates are 100% so hf except all thoose something new added
pvp colour system (depend the pvp point’s) and something else too :P
when someone reach more than 400 pvp point’s will take automatic a skill
were with this the stats of player will be increased a bit.

# Server Machine Information
# CPU: Intel Xeon E3110 3.0 GHz
# Connection: 100 MBPS Down — 20MBPS UP
# RAM Memory: 8GB DDR2
# Hard Disk: 500GB
# Windows 2003 x64 bit

Our WebSite www.l2daywalker.com
L2Daywalker Community and Stuff waiting all of you for more fun and more pvp’s cya In Game :)

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